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Market + competitor audit

Brand positioning

Logo design or redesign/refresh

Typography + color palette

Typography + color palette

Image + photography direction

Packaging + signage

Brand guidelines

Branded apparel + merch



Womens apparel development

Outdoor, activewear, lounge

Technical flat sketch, CAD, line sheet

Color palette development

Materials + trim artwork

Pattern repeats + color indexing

Forms + development templates

Factory-ready tech packs

Assets for 3D programs


Product Development

Print marketing materials

ads, pamphlets, catalogs

Website hosting + design

Transferring assets + information

Email marketing templates

Social media strategy

Digital ads

Content calendar + IG feed

Presentations + slide decks



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I'm Khanna (hòn·na)
Located in NYC and operating in PST, I've been working in apparel manufacturing for ten years, starting out as a textile design intern in Manhattan's garment district, while studying Communications (graphic) design at Pratt Institute. Discovering this duality of design - from branding to manufacturing - instilled in me a deep curiosity for how things work, the power of strong communication, and the unshakable fact that change is truly the only constant.
Coming from a creative household and developing my skills in the apparel industry especially, I've developed a love of patterns, textures, and the magical ability of fashion to transform a person (one in billions..!) from the outside in, communicate a message, evoke a feeling, or discovering one's place in community. On the brand side - visual branding communicates just that, but for businesses or ideas rather than individual people and bodies. What a magical thing, to be able to say... "This is me", and to connect to a community, only using the tools we've created and our personal understanding of the world.

Anyway, enough about me. If you have something you'd like to communicate to the world - I'd love to hear about it. You can schedule quick call with me below, or shoot me an email. Let's connect.

You can reach me here:

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