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Logo, visual identity, art direction, source product, website and fulfillment, Instagram and Pinterest content + marketing, packaging + ad mockups

Eve was an online drop ship jewelry brand I created during the worldwide crisis moment that was 2020 (See also, Calico Market). It only carried earrings. I wanted to convey the elegance and simplicity of the brand and its product by pairing simple lifestyle/portrait imagery with floral landscapes to create a dream-like feminine vibe, and minimalist copy. The logo came from the image of a heart hoop, personalized with a name across it. While Eve was an every girl jewelry shop, the logo spoke to the unique personal touch one might find here. Eve was marketed on digital platforms (Instagram, Pinterest) but I also mocked up a few ads to visualize what it would look like IRL, including a wild posting, a subway entrance ad, and a magazine spread.

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